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A HER2 Targeted Therapy Clinical Trial

What is the purpose of the CT-0508 Study 101?

As a phase 1 clinical trial, the goal is to learn more about the effects of the investigational HER2 targeted therapy and determine if it is safe for people with HER2 overexpression in solid tumors.

Study Therapy

What will happen during the study?

If you are eligible and choose to join, participation will last for about 1 year. If you qualify, you will be asked to do the following:

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Undergo a procedure (called leukapheresis).

Some of your white blood cells will be collected from your blood to make the study therapy.
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Receive 1 dose divided into 1 to 3 infusions of the study therapy.

Some participants may need to stay at the hospital while receiving the study therapy.
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Visit the study clinic regularly for about 1 year.

At each visit, you will undergo tests and assessments (such as tumor biopsies, physical exams, and blood tests) and answer questions about your health.

Want more information about the study? Visit to learn more about the targeted HER2 clinical trial.

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